Atelier’s K-Socks

Les chaussettes coréennes de l’archi-duchesse sont-elles sèches ?


Much more than a trend … for a very long time!

In South Korea,
we are not joking
with the socks!

You can see them and people want them to be seen …

They are the undisputed STARS * of the wardrobe!

According to South Korean culture and tradition: you take off your shoes everywhere, at home, with friends or at the office.

So the SOCKS are not considered as a simple accessory, but indeed as an essential element of clothing.

Your socks say a lot about you, your moods and your plan for the day…

So today, you are more like:

  • Classic ?
  • Relaxed ?
  • Athletic ?
  • Creative ?
  • Eccentric ?

Or in poetic-lunar Mood ?

In Seoul as in Paris, the design of the sock is a question of Styyyle …

K’socks Collection


Melange Mood, your feet just have to stick with K-socks!

Discover the Melange Mood sock collections exclusively on Atelier Insadong

A selection of the must-have of the season, Women & Men, from the most classic to the most graphic, including the most girly, romantic or even the most chic!

Spread the word…

Attention trend: choosing the pair of socks that will perfect your style, becomes a high-flying art!

Just one question …

And you, will you succumb too to this so Korean tradition?