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Atelier Insadong

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Atelier Insa-designers selection

Discover South Korea and its latest trends in fashion, design, home or cosmetics, as if you were there!
From the comfort of your home, open the doors of our Hanok boutique concept store and discover the products and the South Korean guest designers of Atelier Insadong, specially selected for you, the lovers of Korean Lifestyle!

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Esprit Atelier Insadong


In the heart of the iconic Insadong and historic downtown Seoul, open the doors of our Hanok lined with ginkgo trees. Discover a unique place where the effervescent South Korean creative and artistic expression reigns. In this place flows the spirit of craftsmanship and exceptional know-how, a subtle and delicate blend of traditional and modern styles. Welcome to Atelier Insadong!


Atelier Insadong is a Seoul boutique concept store that shares, presents and makes you discover products and creations made by craftsmen, designers and small South Korean companies. We have selected them with care and love, for their aesthetic, artistic, useful, offbeat, innovative qualities... amongst many others.


Insadong ... a mythical and emblematic district which symbolizes the incredible vitality of South Korean creativity. The selection of products offered by our Atelier boutique is intended to reflect this neighborhood and our commitment to help support craftspeople and designers in their projects, in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. To let you know and meet them through their products and creations.
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(re) Live Seoul

At Atelier Insadong we also offer you the possibility to experience Korea in a different way … seen from the inside. A more intimate and real Korea. By our side, discover the places we roam, the encounters we make and the flavors we explore. With us, immerse yourself with us in the retro chic & folk atmosphere of Euljiro dong, in the overheated atmosphere of Gangnam, or even indulge the hushed and highly meditative experience of a Templestay …

Wishing to see Korea in a different way? Wishing to see Korea in a different way? Follow us, you will not be disappointed!


Corée autrement

Atelier Insadong concept store coréen

Atelier Insa-entrepreneuses

Atelier Insadong is above all the entrepreneurial adventure of two French women in Seoul, who fell in love with the land of the morning calm and its (artistic) culture and ancestral traditions.
Starting from zero, month after month, year after year. Our project has taken shape and has grown through encounters, obstacles, learning, constraints and strokes of luck (we always need a little anyway … ), always strengthening our determination and our primary desire to share and help discover South Korea through its designers.
Along the way, we met many South Korean women, heroines of entrepreneurship who, against all odds, are part of the incredible dynamism of South Korean creativity and craftsmanship today.

Here, we honor them and we pay tribute to them.
To all, we express our gratitude to them for inspiring us every day.


La Corée "Entrepreneuses"

Atelier Insadong concept store retrospective

Here is a selection of our favorite Korea videos, which we are happy to share with you.


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