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Dermaphilia, the benefits of natural beauty

For many years now, Dermaphilia, a South Korean cosmetics brand, has been developing ranges of natural, innovative, state-of-the-art beauty products that are aimed at all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Quality and safety

All Dermaphilia products are certified to South Korean and international standards. They are hypoallergenic and formulated using ingredients selected for their high quality.

Botanical tradition and beauty

Dermaphilia is inspired by and uses natural ingredients from the Asian pharmacopoeia, which have long proven their worth in the care and beauty of the skin.

From a long lasting Asian beauty tradition

Dermaphilia has always focused on botanical components that have long proven their worth in beauty and skin care, in order to extract the active substances to achieve unique and effective formulas. Like Centella Asiatica, a classic of the Asian pharmacopoeia, which thanks to the madecassic acid it contains, promotes the soothing of irritation of the skin by providing hydration and elasticity. A successful bet for the brand which has been able to combine, with excellence and quality standards in its formulas, traditional natural ingredients with scientific progress.

Don’t wait any longer. Let’s discover the South Korean skincare cosmetics line, nearly 90% of natural origin: Green Derm.

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Green Derm the cosmetic line of natural origin

Your new skin care routine

Don’t wait any longer and discover the skincare range of nearly 90% natural origin: Green Derm by Dermaphilia

Green Derm, the face beauty cosmetics line from South Korea that your skin will love

Green Derm is a complete hypoallergenic skin care line certified to South Korean and European standards, composed of Centella Asiatica, jasmine, chamomile, olive oil and black yeast. These natural ingredients combined with high technology promoting better extraction and concentration of their components, deeply nourish the skin, while providing hydration, suppleness and elasticity throughout the day.

The Green Derm line from Dermaphilia is recommended for all skin types and is particularly effective for taking care of sensitive and irritated skin.


Of natural origin


Animal testing


Mineral oils, Artificial fragrances, Parabens