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Atelier Insadong Seoul: the concept store of Korean products in addition to a web-mag

Atelier Insadong, is a unique concept, passionately Seoulite, which celebrates South Korean creativity, know-how and craftsmanship of Korean products. It is an effervescent place where designers of all horizons of the country of the calm morning converge. Sharing with you their passion and their achievements, often the result from the highest Korean ancestral tradition they are constantly developing, adapting and merging in our present time. A successful, subtle and delicate marriage between high quality manufacturing and the mastery of unique know-how.

Atelier Insadong, more than an online store, is also a web-magazine on South Korean life, society and culture. Giving you the opportunity to discover our Korea, more intimate and vastly abundant, enriching and enterprising. To present the incredible dynamism of this country where tradition and modernity come together. Mixing constantly in a harmonious but sometimes surprising and unique way. So follow us for a journey of exotic promise …

South Korean inspirations…

Behind Atelier Insadong, there are two French women who have fallen in love with South Korea, its culture, its art and its tradition. For several years, we have carried out and continue to, a work of exploration to unearth all these talents that we are happy to present and offer you today.
Discover with us South Korean know-how and creativity, still largely unknown, as we want to share with you our selection of designers and the objects and products they design.

A Seoul vibe

Atelier Insadong is located in Seoul and draws its inspiration from the iconic Insadong district in the downtown area. But not only...

Two French women in Korea

Atelier Insadong is a project of several years initiated by two French women entrepreneurs who want to share a snapshot of their South Korea, from the inside ...

Open the doors of Atelier Insadong, come and meet Korea from inside

Atelier Insadong concept store coréen

Atelier Insadong concept-store & boutique, a responsible and engaged approach to South Korean products’ craftsmanship and know-how.

Made in South-Korea.

All products we sell are designed and manufactured in South Korea, Atelier Insadong promotes South Korean know-how and craftsmanship.

Quality products.

All of our products are made with care by their designer or manufacturer and meet exhaustive quality standards.


Each designer and brand integrate an environmental approach in the manufacturing process of their product.

Responsible approach.

Respect and human value for everyone are the primary meaning of our project and of the approach that accompanies Atelier Insadong every day.

Atelier Insadong concept store coréen

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