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Discover the collection of Bojagi Notebooks designed by Boh Fabric.
From its Seoul studio, the brand that revisits the art of Bojagi in the land of calm morning, has imagined an exclusive line of stylized notebooks of its iconic fabric designs.

A true source of inspiration, these notebooks will not fail to accompany your thoughts, notes as well as your personal creations with elegance.

  • Find the Boh Fabric spirit in this A5 notebook available in the Donggwoldo, Jasumun, Hwajodo, Jogakbo, Buyonghwa and Chekgado models.

* Details of the different models below
** Shipping from South Korea

Les smoothie tradi de l’Atelier

The Bojagi notebook by Boh Fabric

The A5 Bojagi notebook features a hard cover, covered with a fabric containing traditional South Korean patterns, and plain white wove paper.

  • Handmade
  • Hard cover covered with 100% patterned fabric
  • Plain white paper 100g
  • About 80 pages
  • Quality of finishing details
  • The design of the pattern may vary depending on the cut of the fabric print
  • 100% made in South-Korea


Carnet Bojagi dimensions | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

Available designs

동궐도 / Donggwoldo

Donggwoldo is an early 19th-century Korean painting depicting the two iconic royal palaces of the Joseon era (1392-1910): Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung. Donggwol is also the alternate name given to Changdeokgung Palace, located east of Gyeongbokgung, the main royal palace of the dynasty.

Boh Fabric inspired by this palace, redesigned its map during the Joseon era to make it a design of Bojagi. This model quickly met great success and was awarded in 2016 at Seoul cultural product contest award.

white Donggwoldo

Carnet A5 Bojagi Donggwoldo blanc | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

Pink Donggwoldo

Carnet A5 Bojagi Donggwoldo rose | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

자수문 / Jasumun

For the Jasumun design, the designer of Boh Fabric was inspired by the illustrious and beautiful embroidery of royal bojagi from the Joseon dynasty. Reinterpreting a classic in Korean textile and decorative arts, floral and animal motifs, which she has redesigned with a contemporary twist.

This bojagi model, available in several colors, was awarded a prize in a recent public competition organized by the city of Seoul.

Beige Jasumun

Carnet A5 Bojagi Jasumun beige | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

Red Jasumun

Carnet A5 Bojagi Jasumun rouge | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

Black Jasumun

Carnet A5 Bojagi Jasumun noir | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

화조도 / Hwajodo

Hwajodo signifies painting of flowers and birds. This design was made with reference to the famous Korean folk paintings called Minhwa *, from the late 19th century. At the time, painting flowers, birds, as well as insects was very popular and widespread in Korea.

For this Hwajodo model, Boh Fabric has chosen to tint the pictorial patterns in blue, in reference to the color traditionally used for painting on ceramic.

Carnet A5 Bojagi Hwajodo | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

조각보 / Jogakbo

Jogakbo is the famous and acclaimed traditional Korean patchwork. It is an indisputable ancestral cultural and artisanal reference, used in many fields, particularly to make textiles, blankets or fabrics for various uses. Its manufacturing process consists of assembling small squares of fabric of different colors to achieve a quilt in the purest style.

For its reinterpretation of the Jogakbo, Boh Fabric, has created a striking visual effect of lines and colors, for a very graphic and dynamic result.

Carnet A5 Bojagi Jogakbo | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

부용화 / Buyonghwa

Buyonghwa is the name of a flower in the hibiscus family. Traditionally, Koreans decorated their homes with pictorial representations of this flower to attract good fortune, as it symbolizes wealth and success. It is one of the most colorful motifs in the folk and popular arts of the country.

For its Buyonghwa design, Boh Fabric redesigned this flower from old paintings, to better retain its spirit through a more refined treatment.

Carnet A5 Bojagi Buyonghwa | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong

책가도 / Chekgado

Chaekgado is another classic of Korean folk painting known as Minhwa. Originally, it was a court painting. A special order from King Jeongjo (18th century), who wanted a work illustrating the many books and shelves in the royal library. Like its new characteristics, this pictorial theme immediately knew great success. First of all with the nobility, to decorate its study rooms before spreading more widely throughout Korean society.

For its Chekgado design, Boh Fabric was inspired by a painting from the modern artist Amadohee, to pay tribute to the insight and knowledge, and its importance which is sustained to this day in Korean society.

Carnet A5 Bojagi Chekgado | Boh Fabric | Atelier Insadong


Additional information

Weight 0.360 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15.5 × 1.6 cm

Black Jasumun, Buyonghwa, Chekgado, Cream Jasumun, Hwajodo, Jogakbo, pink Donggwoldo, Red Jasumun, white Donggwoldo

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