Cotton face mask


Discover Haut Collection‘s line of double-layered cotton masks for adults and children.
The South Korean design brand has revisited this essential, styling its prints with traditional motifs inspired by Art Nouveau Chosun, while giving it a modern and contemporary touch.

  • The organic cotton face masks are available in Dragon, Gold Flower, Old Grace Flowers, Pyrmont Painting, all designs that offer an elegant and graphic re-interpretation of traditional arts under the Joseon dynasty (1392-1920).

What design will you choose to wear to give a unique so Korean touch to your style?

* Available in different patterns
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Organic & reusable items from the Atelier

The Haut Collection organic cotton face mask

Characteristics of Cotton mask:
The double-layer organic cotton face mask can be worn safely by adults, children and the elderly. With an adjustable strap, it has also been designed to accommodate an additional filter, to be inserted between the two layers. This useful and practical face mask is a great ally with style!

Made of a fabric whose quality and density of weaving gives a soft and smooth appearance, while delicately emphasizing the vivid colors of the print. Ergonomically shaped, it has a fine metal wire integrated which allows the mask position to be easily adjusted to the nose.

  • Handmade
  • Standard model (measures and dimensions specified below)
  • Organic Cotton
  • Double thickness
  • Front: printed fabric / back: plain fabric
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Quality of finishing details
  • The design of the pattern may vary depending on the cut of the fabric print

Dimensions :

L 20 x H 15 cm.

Strap : L 13 cm

dimensions Masks Haut Collection

Available patterns


The Dragon is among the most represented animal motifs in decorative and textile arts during the Joseon dynasty. Symbol of power and luck, it was not uncommon for it to adorn metal objects, such as military helmets or used to decorate ceramics.

Masque coton DRAGON | Haut Collection | Atelier Insadong


The sacred flower Peony par excellence, is widely treated in the traditional decorative arts and South Korean textiles. With its Pyrmont Painting design, Haut Collection has modeled an elegant variation inspired by an ancient embroidery dating from the Joseon period (1392-1910).


Masque coton PYRMONT PAINTING | Haut Collection | Atelier Insadong


The Gold Flower design offers us a modern interpretation of the use of the floral pattern of fabrics from the Joseon era. By a play of color saturation and contrast effects, a retro and evanescent atmosphere emerges from this pattern.

Masque coton GOLD FLOWER | Haut Collection | Atelier Insadong


Haut Collection, with this floral design revisits a classic of South Korean decorative arts and textiles. Inspired by the floral patterns that classically adorned fabrics, Old Grace Flowers, recreates a design with finesse and elegance.

Masque coton OLD GRACE FLOWERS | Haut Collection | Atelier Insadong

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 15 × 0.5 cm


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