M Yu-Gyeol Pouch


The medium-sized M Yu-Gyeol pouch is recognizable by its base flared shape. Thanks to its generous volume, is the essential, practical and smart accessory to store all our everyday essentials.
Haut collection has revisited this essential item by stylizing its prints with traditional patterns inspired by Joseon Art Nouveau, while giving it a modern and contemporary touch.

  • The M Yu-Gyeol Pouches are available in Midnight Moon, River Runs, Traditional Patchwork, Geometry Books Painting, Pyrmont Patchwork, all designs that offer an elegant and graphic re-interpretation of the decorative and textile arts of the Joseon dynasty (1392- 1910).

So which M Yu-Gyeol pouch will be the next style accessory with a so unique & so Korean touch?

* Available in different patterns
** Shipping from South Korea

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The easy & loved of the Atelier

M Yu-Gyeol Pouch by Haut Collection

Characteristics M Yu-Gyeol Pouch:
The Yu-Gyeol Medium Pouch is the accessory you won’t be able to do without. Designed to be practical while having style and outfit, this pouch has a flared shape, which gives it generous volume.

Composed of a 100% polyester fabric whose quality and density of weaving gives a soft and smooth appearance similar to cotton, while delicately emphasizing the vivid colors of the print. It is equipped with a zipper.

  • Handmade
  • Medium size (dimensions specified below)
  • Front: printed fabric / back: matching colored plain fabric
  • Quality of finishing details
  • The design of the pattern may vary depending on the cut of the fabric print


Width 22 x Height 13.5 x Depth 6 cm

dimensions M YU-Gyeol Pouch | Haut Collection | Atelier Insadong

Available patterns


With its Midnight Moon design, Haut Collection offers a modern reinterpretation of a painting that was placed behind the king during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), depicting a larch tree in the chiaroscuro of soft moonlight. This design plunges us into a mystical and deep atmosphere, highlighted by a touch of modernity and energized by a subtle composition of graphic lines.

Pochette Yugyeol MD Midnight Moon | Haut Collection
Pochette Yugyeol MD Midnight Moon | Haut Collection


The peony flower as sacred as the lotus flower or chrysanthemums in the Far East, symbolizing Love and Health, is widely treated in traditional South Korean decorative and textile arts. With its Pyrmont Patchwork design, Haut Collection modeled its design from an old peony embroidery dating from the Joseon period (1392-1910). The floral composition on a white background gives this creation a soft, peaceful and luminous atmosphere.

Pochette Yugyeol MD Pyrmont | Haut Collection
Pochette Yugyeol MD Pyrmont | Haut Collection


The River Runs style is a design imagined by Haut Collection, echoing contemporary abstract art. The pattern is constructed from consecutive waves of bright colors in motion, for a very graphic and modern result, in a very arty tangy pop-retro style.

Pochette Yugyeol MD River Runs | Haut Collection
Pochette Yugyeol MD River Runs Geometry books | Haut Collection


The Traditional Patchwork or Korean Patchwork style is a great vintage and success of the traditional textile and decorative arts of the land of calm morning. By combining classic patterns with geometric shapes, the result is creations with a design that is both graphic and modern, definitely timeless.

Pochette Yugyeol MD Patchwork | Haut Collection
Pochette Yugyeol MD Patchwork | Haut Collection


With its Geometry Books Painting design,Haut Collection, plunges us into a royal library of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), while being inspired by geometric compositions then used in modern South Korean painting. By the repetition of different patterns on each colored surface, so characteristic of this artistic style, a pictorial ensemble is born which is reminiscent of the spirit of a modern and graphic collage.

Pochette Yugyeol MD River Runs Geometry books | Haut Collection


Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 0.5 cm

Geometry Books Printing, Midnight Moon and Pine Tree, Patchwork of Traditional Pattern, Pymont Patchwork, River Runs

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