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Haut Collection, Joseon Art Nouveau up to date

Welcome to HAUT color universe, in floral, animal and geometric patterns, of this South Korean brand, designer of fashion accessories, decorative objects and ceramics, directly inspired by Art Nouveau of the Joseon dynasty from the 19th century.

Haut Collection a South Korean brand to be dicovered on Atelier-Insadong.

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Who is behind Haut Collection?

At the heart of Hyundai Design Research Institute in Seoul, Haut Collection brand is born. This research center aims to study design and its evolution in traditional Korean culture. The period called “Art Nouveau of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910)” of the 19th century, particularly attracts the attention of the team of research designers, for its exceptional creativity.

Joseon Art Nouveau

Indeed, the decorative arts of the time underwent an unprecedented revival, giving rise to a unique style, of great aestheticism, characterized by an increased search for elegance and beauty in textile ornaments, embroidery, marquetry, ceramics among others …

Motifs Joseon Art Nouveau | Haut Collection marque sud-coréenne | Atelier Insadong

For the little story…

In Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, the word is pronounced “ô”. The creators of the brand remember this name, when they discover that it has its phonetic equivalent in French: HAUT!
Thus was born the name Haut Collection, a play on words and sounds between the Korean and French language, and which defines it so well …

Logo Haut Collection
With the fashion and decoration collections from HAUT COLLECTION, treat yourself to a timelapse in Korean Art Nouveau from the Joseon dynasty

Discover on Atelier Insadong

the handmade must-haves, in the pure South Korean tradition, from Haut’s latest collection: the Hwa-jung & Dam-ryeo handbag, the Gwan-you shoulder bag, as well as the Yu-gyeol pouch in different patterns.
Haut Collection South Korean brand