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The Dam-Ryeo handbag, characterized by its asymmetrical style, is a great classic of the South Korean wardrobe. Haut Collection has revisited this standard by stylizing its prints with traditional patterns inspired by Art Nouveau Chosun, while giving it a modern and contemporary touch.

  • The handbag Dam-Ryeo Grace Flower, offers an elegant and refined re-interpretation of one of the most recurring themes in South Korean decorative arts: floral motifs.

Make the Dam-Ryeo handbag your style accessory, with a so unique & so Korean touch!

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The timeless pieces of the Atelier

Handbag Dam-ryeo Grace Flower de Haut Collection

Characteristics Handbag Dam-ryeo:
The Dam-ryeo handbag is distinguished by its original construction and asymmetric carry. The handles fit together easily, while allowing the bag to be opened and closed easily, conveniently and securely.

Composed of a 100% polyester fabric whose quality and density of weaving gives a soft and smooth appearance similar to cotton, while delicately emphasizing the vivid colors of the print.

  • Handmade
  • Small format (dimensions specified below)
  • Quality of finishing details
  • The design of the pattern may vary depending on the cut of the fabric print

With its Grace Flower design Haut Collection revisits a classic of floral representation in traditional South Korean arts, creating an elegant and captivating pattern, in colors that are both dark and deep.


W 28 x H 25 cm
Handle : H 17 x W 6 cm

Handbag Dam-Ryeo Haut Collection | Atelier Insadong


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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 1 cm

Flower and Books Painting, Mandarin Duck Painting, Patchwork of Traditional Pattern, Traditional Deep Grace Flower

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